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Book Assistance for Coaches or Athlete

Assistance during competitions, after or before.

  • 1 h
  • 150 euros
  • Location 1

Service Description

Achieve greatness in artistic swimming with personalized consultations for athletes and coaches! Irma's expert guidance, tailored strategies, and valuable information will help you refine your skills, as well as your marketing strategies. She will assist you in overcoming challenges, preparing mentally for the championships, and reaching your full potential, whether it's during, or after, the championship. Elevate your journey in artistic swimming with our transformative consultations. Example: 1. Routine Development: How to create and refine routines for training or competitions . 2. Synchronization Techniques: Tips and techniques for achieving perfect synchronization with your teammates. 3. Flexibility and Strength Training: Exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and build strength specific to artistic swimming. 4. Choreography: Guidance on creating captivating choreography that complements the music and showcases the sport's artistic elements. 5. Skill Progression: How to progress and master various skills in artistic swimming, such as lifts, spins, figures, and transitions. 6. Performance Enhancement: Strategies to enhance overall performance quality, including facial expressions, musicality, and emotional connection with the audience. 7. Mental Preparation: Techniques for building mental resilience, focus, and confidence before competitions or performances. 8. Injury Prevention: Tips on preventing common injuries in artistic swimming and maintaining overall physical well-being. 9. Competition Preparation: Guidance on preparing mentally and physically for competitions, including warm-up routines, visualization techniques, and dealing with nerves. 10. Feedback and Assessment: Providing personalized feedback and assessments on technique, routine execution, and performance quality and any other questions you could have.

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