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Artistic Swimming camp

 22-26 JULY 2024

Immerse yourself in a world where the grace of art meets the discipline of sport.

Our unique summer camp, led by the visionary Irma Davarashvili, is designed to inspire, challenge, and transform. We are not just teaching skills; we're crafting experiences that change lives.



Foster Teamwork: Learn to move in harmony with others

Learning new skills

Learning new rules

Excellence technique

Working on TRE ( Technical required elements ) 

Improving technique in World Aquatic Figures

Working on Holistic Education

Artistic Integration and many more....


For who is This camp?

Our camp is tailored not only for athletes but also for coaches and

parents, ensuring a comprehensive experience that supports the entire

artistic swimming community.


Welcoming: A warm start to a memorable journey

Building Connections: Get to know your fellow athletes

Goal Setting: Understand what we aim to achieve.

Personalized Coaching: Tailored guidance for every


Dance and Warm-Up: Begin with rhythm, end in fluidity.

Swimming Mastery: From basic techniques to enduring


Artistic Swimming Focus: Hone your skills in preparation and


Technical Excellence: Perfect your artistic swimming


World Aquatics Figures: Master the technique of the figures

and essentials of competition.

Routines: Working on routines as well as craft and refine your

artistic impression.

Video Analysis: Learn from both perspectives - above and

below the water.

Workshops: Enhance your experience with dance, stress

management, body art, and more.

Exhibition Prep: Get ready to showcase your talent.

Gala Dinner: With athletes, coaches and parents



The Professional track is tailored for athletes aiming to elevate their

performance to compete at higher levels, including international championships.

This track is ideal for those who:

- Are focused on achieving excellence and maximizing their

competitive potential in artistic swimming.

- Seek intensive training sessions that are designed to prepare them

for the demands of national and international competitions.

-Want to refine their techniques, enhance their physical

conditioning, and perfect their routines under the guidance of

elite coaches.

- Are looking to gain a competitive edge through a rigorous training

regimen that emphasizes advanced skills, technical precision, and strategic performance.

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The recreational track is designed for athletes who are looking to enjoy

the beauty and fun of artistic swimming in a more relaxed and enjoyable environment:


Want to experience artistic swimming in a stress-free, joyous


- Are looking to engage in the sport for recreational purposes,

personal fulfillment, or simply to enjoy a new challenge.

-Wish to explore artistic swimming without the pressure of intense


- Aim to improve their skills in a fun, supportive environment that

prioritizes enjoyment and personal growth over rigorous



This track is specifically designed for coaches who are looking to deepen their understanding of artistic swimming, enhance their coaching skills, and stay abreast of the latest trends and

techniques in the sport.

- Advanced Training Workshops: Participate in sessions focusing

on cutting-edge training methodologies, psychological

preparation strategies, and injury prevention to enhance

athlete performance.

- Mentorship and Leadership Development: Explore effective

communication, leadership techniques, and ways to inspire and

motivate athletes to achieve their best.

- Technical Skill Enhancement: Deep dive into the technical

aspects of artistic swimming, including routine composition,

skill execution, and the latest WA rules and regulations.

- Networking Opportunities: Connect with other coaches, share

experiences, and learn from each other in a supportive and

collaborative environment.

- Hands-On Experience: Work directly with athletes in practical

sessions, applying new knowledge and techniques in real-time coaching scenarios.

Fitness Class
Fitness Class


This program is designed for parents to provide them with

insights and tools to support their children’s journey in artistic

swimming, fostering a positive environment that encourages

growth, resilience, and success.


- Understanding Artistic Swimming: An overview of the sport,

including the physical, technical, and artistic demands placed

on athletes.

-Nutritional and Psychological Support: Learn about the

nutritional needs of artistic swimmers and how to support the

mental well-being of your child through the challenges of

training and competition.

-The Role of a Sports Parent: Insights into effective parenting

strategies that promote a healthy balance between supporting

athletic development and ensuring academic and social growth.

- Navigating the Athletic Pathway: Guidance on managing

expectations, supporting through setbacks, and understanding

the pathway from local competitions to national and

international levels.

- Community Building: Opportunities to meet other parents,

share experiences, and create a network of support for both the

athletes and each other.


Diverse Expertise: Our team includes coaches who have guided athletes at the highest levels of artistic swimming, sharing techniques and strategies refined on the world stage.International Insights: With backgrounds in coaching national teams from Spain, Italy, Russia, and beyond, our staff brings a rich tapestry of global perspectives and methodologies.

Sophrology and Dance Specialists: Experts in sophrology and professional dance coaches are integral to our program, offering strategies for mental well-being and movement techniques that enhance artistic expression. Arts Professionals: From National team of Spain. Collaborations with professionals in the arts ensure that creativity and innovation are at the heart of our camp, enriching the artistic swimming experience.


Renowned Mastery: Irma, a Master of Sport. Global Expertise: With over 10 years in Barcelona, Irma's coaching career is adorned with collaborations with more than 5 National Teams and influenced by her work with notable figures like Anna Tarres. Holistic Coaching: As a coach, life coach, and entrepreneur, Irma's approach integrates technical skill

development with life skills, drawing on her extensive experience and personal growth philosophy.


Artistic Swimming Campus in Barcelona



Mon - Thu: 8am - 6pm
​​Friday : 8am - 7pm

Friday: 6PM - Exhibition
​Friday- Gala dinner 9pm


+34627877842 ( Irma )

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