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For Coaches, Athletes and Parents

  • 1 h
  • 150 euros
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Service Description

Example: 1. Routine Development: How to create and refine routines for training or competitions . 2. Synchronization Techniques: Tips and techniques for achieving perfect synchronization with your teammates. 3. Flexibility and Strength Training: Exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and build strength specific to artistic swimming. 4. Choreography: Guidance on creating captivating choreography that complements the music and showcases the sport's artistic elements. 5. Skill Progression: How to progress and master various skills in artistic swimming, such as lifts, spins, figures, and transitions. 6. Performance Enhancement: Strategies to enhance overall performance quality, including facial expressions, musicality, and emotional connection with the audience. 7. Mental Preparation: Techniques for building mental resilience, focus, and confidence before competitions or performances. 8. Injury Prevention: Tips on preventing common injuries in artistic swimming and maintaining overall physical well-being. 9. Competition Preparation: Guidance on preparing mentally and physically for competitions, including warm-up routines, visualization techniques, and dealing with nerves. 10. Feedback and Assessment: Providing personalized feedback and assessments on technique, routine execution, and performance quality and any other questions you could have.

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